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Quality & Food Safety Assurance.

  Pegasus SeaFoods S.A. has been certified by Guardian Independent Certification Company with:
An ISO 9001:2008 certificate for the production and sales of Marine Species &
A HACCP – Codex Alimentarius certificate for Food Hygiene and Safety

Products’ Quality.
Pegasus’ products quality includes all these traits, which are characteristic for the wild ones – the appearance, the taste, the flavor and the nutrient components. This is a result of the implementation of four fundamental principles of our company, which secure the comparative excellence of our products.
  • Environment & Facilities
    The production facilities are located in a high depth sandy – rocky seabed area, where the existence of strong water streams, allows high oxygen concentration and water clarity, securing optimal growth conditions for the fish populations.
    The fish cages’ nets are from high – tech and tolerant materials, are cleaned in dry, without the use of anti – fouling materials.
  • Strict Fry Selection & Fish Population Control
    The qualitative selection of the fry, under scientific criteria and the continuous implementation of zoo technical methods, for the preservation of homogenous fish populations, in very low growth densities, secure welfare and minimize stress, which is responsible for the diseases’ appearance or the products’ quality reduction.
  • Nutrition with high quality Fish Feeds.Fish Feeds of high quality
    Fish Feeds of high quality are used for the fish populations’ nutrition. The fish feeds production and composition is controlled by Pegasus SeaFoods S.A., in order to secure that fish get all these traits, which are demanded, according to the guidelines of our ichthyologists and nutritionists.
    Fish feeds are characterized by the balanced relationship between energy and nutrient elements and are made of raw materials of sea origin (fish meal, shrimp meal, oyster meal, fish oil) and plant origin (corn gluten, yeasts and cereals) and are supplemented by all the necessary vitamins and trace elements for the complete coverage of the fishes’ nutrient needs.
  • Food Hygiene and Safety.
     The management of live organisms and ecosystem and the consumers’ health is a huge responsibility for us at Pegasus SeaFoods S.A. For that reason we invest at research,SEA BASS ΛΑΒΡΑΚΙ ΠΗΓΑΣΟΣ improving our facilities, the fish feeds, investing at sustainable aquaculture. For the Food safety we conduct all the necessary analysis at AGROLAB and we do all the organoleptic controls at National Marine Research Institute. Ελ.Κε.Θ.Ε.


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