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Τσιπούρα (Sparus aurata, L. Gilthead seabream)
Τσιπούρα ΠΗΓΑΣΟΣ The Mediterranean Sea Bream is the basic product of Pegasus SeaFoods, sharing the 60% of the total annual production. The size – range of the products covers all the market demands, including sizes from 300 gr up 1.800 gr.

Sea Bream’s breeding cycle includes two phases:
The first phase of the growth is up to the commercial size by the use of fish feeds of high digestibility and harmonized participation of protein and fats.
The final breeding phase is done by the use of special fish feeds, which include, in high proportion raw materials of sea origin like Fishmeal, Krill and Shell meal, in order the fish gain the optimum organoleptic traits. 
Pegasus’ Sea Bream Organoleptic Profile.

Τσιπούρα Γεύση θάλασσας και ιωδίου
Sea Bream’s Traits
The color of the body is silver with characteristic gold – colored bow over eyes and a gold spot with a dark one at the overlay of the branchia. Its body is slab – sided, pressed at side and intense dorsal curve, with acanthus. It lives in subtropical climates and several depths – the most usual is at 40m.
It is fed by shells like mussels, oysters and cockles.