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The Pegasus Sea Food Organoleptic Profile

Control by Hellenic Center Of Marine Research (HCMR) – Laboratory of Fish Nutrition – Coordinator Dr K. Grigorakis (July, 2007)

Date of Receive : 24/5/2007
Sample : Gilthead sea bream (Orata) Sparus aurata, 10 fish for organoleptic Control (Origin : Pegasus Sea Food Products SA, Korinthos)
Analysis : Organoleptic profile.
Results :In the following diagrams present the organoleptic characters describing the appearance, odor, flavor, taste and aftertaste of fillets and their intensity (on a 0-1 scale).


•Appearance: smooth and mainly white colored with low levels of separation of liquid from the muscle and average shine. In relation to the December samples they appear more whitish and higher shining.
•Odor: it is characterized by slight buttery odor (the sweet odor of cooked butter) and seafood (crab, prawn) and by “seaweed” odor of average intensity. In comparison to the December samples it has higher intensity of “seaweed” odor.
•Flavor: It is characterized by slight flavors of “butter” and “seaweed”. The current samples are characterized by the absence of the “fatty” flavor that appeared slightly present in the December samples.
•Taste: their taste was averagely “sweet” and slightly “metallic”. There appear no differentiations in respect to the December samples.
•Texture: quite “juicy” texture and average cohesiveness and watery impression with low sponginess. Comparing to the December samples, the present appear more “juicy”
•Aftertaste: the more intense character is the “sweet aftertaste of meat” with low “metallic” character. In comparison with the December samples they present more “sweet meaty” aftertaste and lower metallic after taste, while the “fatty” character is absent.
•General: the present fillets are organoleptically characterized by the almost complete absence of those characters related to the presence of fat. They exhibit pleasant odor, flavor, excellent taste and aftertaste average in characters of “fresh seaweed” that characterize the wild-caught fish. They have pleasant juicy texture.