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  Pegasus SeaFoods S.A. has been put in Aquaculture business since 2003. Main activity of the company is the production and sales of Mediterranean fish species. Pegasus SeaFoods S.A. is member of the Federation of Greek Maricultures (FGM).
HACCP ( PEGASUS SEAFOODS) The company was founded by mr Stavros Anastasiou, and his collaborators.
The foundation of Pegasus SeaFoods S.A. was a consecution of their scientific and business activities in aquaculture, in the fish nutrition research and int fish feeds production.

The production’s procedure is operating under scientific methods of nutrition, under continuous organoleptic controls and chemical analysis of the on growing fish populations.

Pegasus SeaFoods S.A. has been certified by Guardian Independent Certification Company with:
An ISO 9001:2008 certificate for the production and sales of Marine Species &
A HACCP – Codex Alimentarius certificate for Food Hygiene and Safety

Pegasus SeaFoods S.A. function is based on an applied organization chart and the staff consists of scientists, technicians and skilled work force.
The company’s administration is held by a three – member Board of Directors.

pegasus seafoods map The Headquarters of the company are located at Sofiko Corinthos and the production facilities at Katakali – Corinthos
Athens Office: 5 Karori str., GR 105 51 Athens – Greece
TEL: + 30 210 32 11 651 Fax: + 30 210 32 19 396




Γραφεία  Αθηνών Καρόρη 5 GR-10 551 ΑΘΗΝΑ Τηλ.: + 30 210 32 11 651 Fax: + 30 210 32 19 396.
Έδρα: Σοφικό Κορινθίας GR20 004 - Εγκαταστάσεις: Κατακάλι Κορινθίας.