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  Pegasus SeaFoods S.A  welcomes you at the aquaculture and healthy nutrition field.Πηγασος Θαλασσια τρόφιμα
With certain sensibility and responsibility we present you the valuable sea origin products, which we cultivate in one of the cleanest regions of Mediterranean Sea, under conditions harmonized to the nature, by only criteria the devotion to total quality and gastronomic pleasure.

Trying to institute Mediterranean Diet, as a cultural preposition of life style, we offer, under accessible prices, fresh Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Red Porgy and other authentic products of Greek Sea, which are world wide recognized and of high nutritional value.

ΙΧΘΥΟΚΑΛΙΕΡΓΕΙΕΣ ΠΗΓΑΣΟΣ AQUACULTURE Our waterborne facilities are located in selected sea area, at Katakali – Corinthos, Greece, an area with ideal hydro biological conditions for the natural growth of the fish. The production’s management is based upon certified rules (imperatives), which secure the products’ hygiene and quality.

φρεσκο ψαρι Applying innovative breeding methods, we serve and supply, all the markets with fresh fish, quality controlled by certified
laboratories (AGROLAB) and research institutes.(ΕΛ.ΚΕ.ΘΕ)

Stavros Anastasiou
Γεωπόνος υδροβιολόγος DEA

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