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Production Facilities

Breeding Environment
The production facilities are located at North – east Pelopennese at Saronicos Gulf, at the region Katakali – Corinthos. The distance of the area from Patras Harbor is 100 km and from Athens 85 km, providing the ability of supplying the markets with products of high freshness.

The total surface of the production facilities is 15.000 m3, in very small distance form the shore. The depth of the seabed is from 40 m (min) up 120 m. the high depth of the sandy – rocky seabed creates unique hydro biological conditions for the health status and the growth of the fish.
Fish Production
The production facilities include four (4) rows of circular fish cages of 120.000 m3 total capacity.

The annual production is, today, about 900 tones.
The phases of the production are:

κουκκίδα Selection and Reception of the Fry.
κουκκίδα Fry Breeding.
κουκκίδα Rarefaction and Selection of the growing fish populations.
κουκκίδα Final Growth of the fish populations
κουκκίδα Διαχείριση ετοίμων (εμπορευσίμου μεγέθους) ιχθυοπληθυσμών
κουκκίδα Fishing
κουκκίδα Packaging

Pegasus SeaFoods S.A. has been certified by Guardian Independent Certification Company with:
An ISO 9001:2008 certificate for the production and sales of Marine Species &
A HACCP – Codex Alimentarius certificate for Food Hygiene and Safety

Pegasus SeaFoods S.A. invests at the improvement of the total quality of its products and services, in order to satisfy the additional needs of its customers.

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