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Meat or Fish;
Undoubtedly fish. The fish consumption is imposed, at least twice a week, because it is tasty, digestible and healthy. Gives protein similar to the meat’s, but contains fat of high quality and fatty acids, which are necessary for the good function of heart, brain and nervous system. At the opposite the meat – fat is “responsible” obesity, high blood pressure e.t.c.
Fish contains vitamins A, D, B3, helps the eyesight function, contributes to the cellular fermentations, involved in the metabolism and in general gives to human organism, what it needs.

Pegasus’ fish has all the organoleptic traits, referring on the relevant studies, with comparative cost to other food of animal origin.
Σήμανση ποιότητας ΠΗΓΑΣΟΣ
Fish must be consumed fresh. The characteristics of fresh fish are the slight odor of sea and iodine, the bright flesh, the shinny and clean eyes, the red color of branchia and the relative “hardness” of flesh.
 Fresh fish has juicy texture, cohesive, waterish and sweet flavor.

When is needed to keep fish fresh and clean in the refrigerator, must be consumed in two days and the refrigerator’s temperature must be around 0 degrees. Preservation in the domestic deep freeze can be longer and can be consumed after 2 – 2.5 months. Their de – freezing must not be rapid e.g. in warm water, but gradual.

Pegasus’ fish can be cooked in different ways and receipts, but the best way is grill.