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Pegasus SeaFoods S.A. is at the fresh sea foods and applied aquaculture, owing growth plant for selected Mediterranean species. The products are offered immediately and fresh for consumption. The annual production is about 800 tones (2008).
The main Mediterranean species are: fresh Sea Bream (60%), Mediterranean Sea Bass (34%), Red Porgy (5%) and Κρανιός Sciaena Aquila (1% experimental production since 2008).
Also are produced, in small quantities Pandora and Dentex dentex.

Pegasus’ products are fished when their growth is completed and their organoleptic traits – appearance, taste, and flavor – are at the desirable level. They are offered in the market by label of origin and quality and are the first choice for consumers’ healthysea bass lavraki λαβρακι nutrition with high gastronomic standards.
Pegasus’ fresh fish is a rich source of high biological value protein, of valuable un saturated ω-3 fatty acids, of essential vitamins (A, D3, E), of inorganic salts (K, Na) and trace elements. Fresh fish is one of the basic components of the Mediterranean Diet.
Nutritional Value
Pegasus’ fish and sea food, in general, contributes, in a unique way, in the preservation of consumer’s health. Its content of the high biological value un saturated fatty acids, which decline triglycerides and raise the “good” cholesterol (HDL) concentration in human blood, protects form thrombosis and heart disease.
Many medical researches have shown that patients, who suffer from high levels of triglycerides and cholesterol, from high blood pressure, form diabetes or from rheumatoid arthritis, are enforced to consume fresh Mediterranean fish, due to its unique nutrient composition.. More.